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 The Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Nurses (2013). Click on the book cover to read more about this text.  As both publication editor and the author of a few chapters, I am the first nurse to publish through the American Psychiatric Association.  This comprehensive text will be of value to clinicians of all disciplines, educators and students.


  Effective Treatments for Opioid Use Disorders: Educating & Empowering Nurses During an Epidemic is the work of the Opioid Education Work Group of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA).  In 2016, the White House petitioned healthcare organizations across the United States to develop educational trainings for their members in light of the Opioid Epidemic facing our country inn recent years.  These 3 webinars are the final product delivered to All Nurses, Psychiatric Nurses & Advanced Practice Nurses.  It is offered at no cost to anyone who chosses to view and learn from our work.  Click on the image to view the webinars.


  The Continuum of Premenstrual Symptom Exacerbation in Women With & Without Psychiatric Comorbidities: A Nurses' Health Study is the culmination of my research based Doctoral Disseration for which I was award an Honorable Mention for Graduate Research Excellence.  To read more, please click on the Drexel Image.


  I am the current Psychopharmacology Section Editor of The Journal Of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services.  As the section editor, I write and publish a monthly article related to psychophamacological issues and trends and review the medication update table.  To read my inaugural article, click on the image of the Journal cover below. 

  The Opioid Epidemic: What Does It Mean for Nurses??  Laura G Leahy, January 2017. JPN

     Pederson, DP & Leahy, LG (2010). Pocket Psych Drugs: A Point of Service Clinical Guide. Philadelphia: FA Davis. 
This text is a valuable resources for ALL clinicians working with inidividuals who are prescribed psychotropic medications.  It is also useful for individuals who take psychotropic medications, as it offers a wealth of concise information regarding side effects, drug interactions, and other impartant information.

    Leahy, LG & Rosoff, J (2012).  Chapter 6: Addressing Family Violence & Psychiatric/Mental Health Problems in Foster, J & Prevost, S (eds). Advanced Practice Nursing for Adults in Acute Care. Philadelphia: FA Davis.
    I offered my expertise on the identification, diagnosis and treatment of Substance Use & Abuse Disorders and Anxiety & Depressive Disorders.

   Leahy, LG (2016). Are You Missing Important Changes in Your Female Patients? Psychiatric News-PsychoPharm. A publication of the American Psychiatric Association.  Published online 16th September 2016.


     Leahy, LG (2104).  Intermittent Explosive Disorder: A Study in Personalized Psychopharmacology.  The Nurse Practitioner; 39(2): 10-13.

   Click here DNA Testing & Psychiatric Medications to read my thoughts on this innovative technology


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